About us

Luke Griffin and Jeroen founded Target Scouting in early April 2020 during lockdown. Target Scouting started off with only making player reports and wanted to show the progress of making player reports by posting match reports as well. After a while, Target Scouting decided to take the project to the next step as we began to work on a recruitment analysis. Also, Luke and Thomas Millman started to work on a podcast about scouting, recruitment and players. To this date, we have posted more than 300 articles in only a few months time.

Target Scouting are always looking for new guest contributors, who may be asked to join the team as a regular. Anyone can write a match report and send it in to the email, which can be found down below. Feedback will always be given and the piece will be posted on our website if we like it. Some guest writers can eventually be invited to be a part of the Target Scouting team, which currently consists of 12 people. Luke Griffin, Thomas Millman and Jeroen edit all articles, manage the twitter account of Target Scouting and make sure that it can be posted on the website.

Target Scouting’s email address: editor @ targetscouting.com.

Now, let us introduce to you Target Scouting’s team. Every writer at Target Scouting gets assigned an area that will be primarily covered by them. This helps Target Scouting to structure the website and to make sure that as many areas as possible get covered, as well as have people specialised in certain leagues. It can be the case that a certain area will be covered by someone else sporadically.

Writer at Target ScoutingArea Covered
Luke Griffin (@GriffinFtbl)Germany
Thomas Millman (@Thomas_Millman)France
Jeroen (@JRNTP5) South America
Mycki (@Mycki_Boy)n/a
Fraser Clark (@fraser_clark)Scandinavia
Josse (@hetorakel_)Belgium + Netherlands
Andy (@HunterAnalysis)England + Scotland
Charlie Web (@WebBall44Italy
Marc Lamberts (@lambertsmarc)2nd Divisions of Top Leagues
Emiraldo Brace (@emiraldobrace)n/a
Joe (@JMFBall)Spain
Emiliano Vernazza (@emivernazza)Argentina
John Turnbull (@JohnTurnbull03)Spain and Italy
Daniel Holt (@dan_couch_scout)Austria
Luca Farina (@Luca05)MLS
Peter Galindo (@GalindoPW)Peru


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